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"Focus on adding value, not valuables"

YF is a Senior Human Resources Executive with over 20 years experience across the Banking, Telecommunication and Management Consulting sectors. He is passionate about knowledge sharing and making a difference, especially with the younger generation in the area of work, workforce and workplace; the future of work and the work of the future.

Helping Build Resilient Leaders and Organizations Through Keynotes and Mentoring

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Post-Pandemic Reflections

Thriving in Uncertainty


A compilation of YF’s live interview and Q&A on Post Covid-19 Challenges and opportunities. 

Next Cohort of YF Academy is open for Application

Leadership & Career Development

Birthed in March 2021, The YF Academy (TYFA) successfully ran the first 3 Cohorts in 2021 and 2022 and early 2023. We continue to receive stories of progress made by the Academy participants in various walks of life.

With the sole purpose of providing support and guidance to ‘Early Starters’ (within the corporate and business world) through virtual mentorship, TYFA focuses on the tenets of Life, Leadership & Career (LLC)

The Academy is therefore delighted to announce the start of the registration for Cohort 4. The new session will commence before the end of 2023.

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YF on leveraging data for organisational planning and strategy | The Seamless way

To maintain an engaged workforce and improve organisational performance, companies must use the power of data to drive everything – from recruitment strategies, reward and compensation, employee assistance initiatives, performance management, etc.

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Named a Top-Rated Influencer on the Most Inclusive HR Influencer list of 150 Leaders in the Human Resources industry by SocialMicole.