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Image: Naukri RMS

Like most things in life, I didn’t have it all figured out. Life is a mystery but its mastery unveils, one day at a time.  It unveils a few times by what we do or don’t do, so many times by what others do or don’t do, and most times by some Force beyond us just pulling altogether.

All I knew was I wanted a successful career. I had done Sales (selling computers on the streets of Lagos) and was now into Direct Marketing. After 3 years, someone sent my CV to her for a role in her team. It was going to be a different experience but she took a chance on me and invited me over for discussions and then interviews. That was 1999.

Roli Pogoson, thank you for that small break and for the opportunity. That uncertain bet, that unsure chance, has become virtually everything. Thanks ma’am for paying it forward.

Thank you, Auntie Roli, as you are fondly called.