You are currently viewing The struggles within…the smiles without

I was just strolling by and I noticed he had just uploaded a profile picture, looking like a million dollars with no worries in life. But he’s my friend and I have an idea of his current struggles. Nothing outwardly gave an indication of the battles within. I checked the likes and the comments, the world without oblivious of the personal struggles within.

She called me earlier yesterday and recounted her current challenges. Been ill and depressed and once contemplated suicide. Wants to be up and doing but sickness keeps her down and crying. Just ten minutes ago, I checked her profile. The most gorgeous smile, face beaten to reveal her smashing and dashing poise. Nothing outwardly gave an indication of the battles within. I checked the likes and the comments, young and old men drooling but oblivious of the personal struggles within.

“YF I am tired. I don’t think I can continue again.” I encouraged him to hang in there. Try one more season and things might just be okay. He looked at me with hopeless hope, with a promise to at least try. He’s been married 8 years but things have hit the rocks beneath the surface. But given the daily appearances, the frustrations are hidden from the ‘liking’ crowd. I just checked his profile picture, guy and wife with their 2 boys at Wild Wady. Comments and likes dropping per minute, some obviously jealous, others jealously obvious but all unconnected with the realities unseen. The pictures on phasebook are great for the optics.

I continued my stroll around the neighbourhood and stopped at my little corner. My latest picture uploaded had comments and likes in excess of 100, all dictated by packaged externalities rather than stark realities. My struggles, my challenges, my fears…all hidden behind the suit and the tie and the pose. My outward audience totally insulated from my inward battles.

To you passing through a phase when all we see is a different face in this book, be rest assured, you are not alone. We are all in this together…it is indeed a passing phase.