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Someone asked me how exactly he can be considered a ‘value creator’ in his organisation.

As I pondered, the analogy that came to mind was that of soccer. Please pardon me if you are not too familiar with the round leather game.

To be considered a valuable member of the soccer team, you must be operating effectively in 3 departments on the field, whenever a game is on.

You have to be scoring goals as an attacker, be a prolific midfielder, or a strong defender. So I said to him, if the soccer analogy is transfigured to the workplace, the value from the perspective of the employer, or organisational leadership, must be seen from those 3 angles:

Score goals – bring in the revenue

Hold the midfield – contribute to operational efficiency

Defend – plug the cost leakages

And because the game of soccer is very dynamic, if we find a player who is labeled attacking midfielder, that is a utility player.  The solid point of connect between the front and back ends. And they are always in high demand.

So I leave you with some thoughts. How am I contributing daily to the ‘game’? Do I  bring in the money or make sure we don’t lose money? Am I the efficiency maestro in the midfield, making sure all ‘resources’ are perfectly distributed between all the players?

Be a game changer!