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He asked to see me, desperately. I obliged, though I needed my sleep badly this particular weekend. Both seated and pleasantries over, I asked him what’s biting him.

After a few seconds of silence, “YF, I need help badly. I need someone to help me change the course of my life.”

My moments of silence were longer than his. I got up and told him to follow me. I walked in silence, with him following closely, to the conveniences. I stopped in front of a mid-sized mirror and stepped aside. “Look into the mirror”, I said quietly. A bewildered look on his face, he did. I walked out of the bathrooms without further words and he half-ran, half-walked behind me.

Once we were back at our table, with the drinks ordered earlier sitting pretty, I asked him what he saw in the mirror. “YF, all I saw was myself!” Another long silence, sipping my drink at intervals, I said to him, “baba, all you need, primarily, is the guy in the mirror.”