You are currently viewing Career Management lessons from Neymar’s Perspective

One, no one can manage your talent but you. When it was decision time, it didn’t matter what the coach or manager said. The Director of Sports at Barcelona had no say in the matter. The ultimate decision rested with Neymar. Decisions around career management is primarily a self-responsibility, not the line manager’s or executive management’s. The boss or (‘ogre’) is busy looking out for himself. Do the same. Manage your career, look out for yourself.

Secondly, the day Neymar picked up his offer letter was not the day he got the ‘job’. Success happens daily and not in a day. He earned the staggering fee daily as he honed his skills on the field of play. He developed himself weekly as he takes on his opponents, developed his skills and talent behind the larger than life image of Lionel. And at every opportunity on the big stage, aware that his potential new ’employers’ might be watching, he brought his knowledge, skills and experience to bear on his trade. No one had an idea he was unhappy at Barca or that he was ‘disengaged’ in the ‘workplace’; playing happily week on week with passion and fulfillment…meanwhile looking out for himself.

YF 2017